Microwave drying equipment is a kind of equipment with high utilization rate in modern production. It can quickly dry materials in a short time. In order to keep up with the pace of the society and improve economic benefits, our company decided to use microwave drying equipment after research.

Microwave drying equipment

After a period of use, we found that the advantages of microwave drying equipment are significant, such as fast drying speed, even drying, time saving, less energy consumption, easy to control, small footprint, environmental protection, clean and pollution-free, etc., which make our production efficiency significantly improved. In order to play the role of the equipment to the maximum, we studied its principle in depth.

The working principle of microwave drying equipment is to raise the temperature of the material by using the penetrating heating of microwave, so that the water in the material is vaporized and evaporated, and the evaporated water vapor is discharged by the dehumidification system to dry the material.

Schematic diagram

This principle seems simple, but it is extremely effective in use, which is significantly different from the traditional drying method. Although the traditional drying method can play a role in drying to a certain extent, it has many limitations, such as vacuum drying, high-frequency drying and solar drying, which are not very smooth to use.

Vacuum drying: Materials are dried under atmospheric pressure. The drying medium can be wet air, but most of them are superheated steam. The vacuum drying system is complex, with large investment and high power consumption. At the same time, the vacuum drying capacity is generally small, otherwise it is difficult to maintain the vacuum degree.

High frequency drying: This drying method is similar to microwave drying, but the frequency of high frequency drying is low, the wavelength is long, and the penetration depth of materials is deep, so it is suitable for drying large section materials.

Solar drying: This is the most common drying method, completely dependent on external conditions, uncontrollable factors too much, low drying efficiency.

Microwave drying: using wet material as dielectric, under the action of alternating electromagnetic field, the water molecules in the material rotate frequently and at high speed, and the friction between the water molecules generates heat, so that the material is heated and dried from inside to outside at the same time. This way of drying is fast and effective.

After comparison, the advantages of microwave drying equipment are obvious. With its excellent performance and principle, the equipment has played an important role in many industries. For example, the most common food industry closely related to us, such as star anise, pepper, seasoning powder, etc., will use the equipment. The following figure shows several industries commonly used in the equipment:

FoodPig skin, dates, tremella, canned food, snacks, etc
PharmaceuticalPill, oral solution, powder, tablet, etc
Chemical industryGlass fiber, chemical raw materials, powder, etc
WoodPaper, wet wood, etc

Application of microwave drying equipment

The emergence of microwave drying equipment has ushered in new development in the food processing industry, which is a high-quality equipment with good quality and low price!