Vegetable Drying Oven is researched and developed by Loyal with a lot of investment. It adopts the most advanced production process in the industry and is mainly used to dry vegetables and other materials, and the dried vegetables have bright colors and comprehensive nutrition retention, which is well accepted by major manufacturers. We can provide very favorable price, if you need, welcome to contact us!

Oven Dehydrator is a hot air circulation system, mainly using the fan circulation air supply method, not only good drying effect, and more energy efficient, is developed according to the needs of the majority of customers, to fully ensure the quality of vegetable drying.

Vegetable Drying Oven Diagram

The following is the detailed introduction of Vegetable Drying Oven price and related technical parameters in 2022:

Baking tray size460×640×45mm480×660×55mm500×700×60mm
Microwave Dehydration Oven Price$2000$2200$2500
Heating heat sourceSteam, electric, far infrared, electric steam dual purpose
Commonly used steam pressure0.02-0.8Mpa(0.2-8kgf/cm2)

Vegetable Dehydration Oven Diagram

Vegetable Drying Oven's Structure.

The dehydrating vegetables in oven consists of angle steel, stainless steel plate and cold steel plate. The insulation layer is filled with high-density aluminosilicate wool, which ensures the insulation of the oven and the safety of the user. The heater is installed at the bottom, top or both sides of the Vegetable dehydration Oven and is equipped with a digital smart meter to control the temperature.

Schematic Diagram Of Drying Machinery

Production Flow Chart Of Vegetable Dehydration Oven

Vegetable Drying Oven Process Steps
Drying quantityDepending on the specification of Microwave Dehydration Oven, the exact quantity to be dried should be controlled within a suitable range, otherwise it will lead to incomplete drying of vegetables.
Drying timeUsually 3-7 hours to complete drying, depending on the type of vegetables.
Vegetable Drying Oven TemperatureWhen drying vegetables, the temperature of Oven Dehydrator Temperature is between -10℃~40℃, the specific temperature control needs to be decided according to the vegetable type.
Features of Vegetable Drying Oven
1Made of food grade stainless steel, reliable quality, easy to clean and long service life.
2Hot air circulating in the oven, high thermal efficiency, effective energy saving.
3With automatic temperature control system, smooth operation and easy to use.
4Simple operation, easy installation and maintenance, cost can be further reduced.
5Using the role of forced ventilation, the oven is equipped with air ducts, and vegetables are dried evenly.

Mechanical Working Diagram

2021 Customer Order Vegetable Drying Oven Maker Form:

Dealed Customer Have Plant Of Microwave Dehydrated Vegetables Machine
11t Heat Pump Energy Saving Vegetable Drying Oven
2100kg/h stainless steel Vegetable Dryer
3500kg/ Industrial Microwave Dehydration Oven
4150kg/h CT-C Series Vegetable Dryer For Sale
Dealed Customers Who Repurchase Of Vegetable Drying Oven At 2021
11-1.5t/h Vegetable dehydration Oven In France
2100kg/h Vegetable Dryer In India
3150-250kg/h Vegetable Drying Technology In Russia
4Canada 300kg/h Vegetable Drying Factory

Material Flow Chart

What are the Applications of Vegetable Dryer?

Dehydrating Vegetables in oven can dry carrots, broccoli, potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, cauliflower, fungus and many other different vegetables, which can also be effectively sterilized while drying, and the dried vegetables can effectively retain their original color and nutritional value.

Here are some common questions about Oven Dehydrator.

1. Can oven be used for drying?

Can oven be used for drying? The oven is a common kitchen appliance in our home, and it is highly used to make some pasta products. Because the oven has a heating function, many people want to use the oven to dehydrate vegetables.

In fact, dehydrating vegetables is the perfect way to preserve them. You don't even need any storage jars or preservatives, and the shelf life of the dried vegetables will effectively be extended to more than a year.

Using an oven or Vegetable Dehydration Oven will effectively dehydrate the vegetables, and the ehydrated vegetables will still have a very rich color and nutrients.

Vegetable Material Diagram

2. How to Adjust the Temperature Balance in Dehydrating Vegetables in Oven?

The Dehydrated Vegetables Machine is ideal for dehydrating vegetables, choosing the right temperature and the right time to dry vegetables quickly and evenly, thus effectively extending shelf life. You can adjust the temperature balance in the oven by simply adjusting the gap between the panels.

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Vegetable Dryer Working Video