Take You to Know About Microwave Sterilization Equipment

In order to better ensure the quality and safety of food and extend the shelf life of food, we usually use high temperature, drying, pasteurization, freezing and other methods to sterilize and preserve food, but these methods may not be thorough in sterilization and affect the taste and nutrition of food. Microwave sterilization equipment has obvious advantages in sterilization temperature, sterilization time, product quality maintenance and energy saving, which has become the best choice for many food manufacturers.

Microwave sterilization equipment can directly treat food by microwave, so that the microorganism in food is affected by both microwave thermal effect and non thermal effect, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization and preservation.

The thermal effect of microwave energy mainly plays a role of rapid temperature rise and sterilization. Under the effect of a certain intensity of microwave field, insects and bacteria in food will experience the phenomenon of molecular polarization, absorbing microwave energy to heat up, so that their protein denaturation, loss of biological activity.

The non thermal effect of microwave energy is one of the causes of bacterial death. The high-frequency electric field changes the membrane potential and polar molecular structure of bacteria, and changes the protein and physiological active substances in the body. As a result, bacteria are malnourished, unable to metabolize normally, and their growth and development are blocked, resulting in death.

These two effects make the temperature of microwave sterilization lower than that of conventional thermal sterilization equipment, and the speed is faster, the time is shorter and the effect is better.

Microwave sterilization equipment

Compared with conventional thermal sterilization, microwave sterilization has many differences:

Conventional thermal sterilization: It takes a long time to start from the surface of food through heat conduction, convection or radiation, and then transfer to the interior. In order to maintain the flavor of food, it is necessary to shorten the processing time, so the interior of food often does not reach enough temperature, there is internal and external temperature difference, which affects the sterilization effect.

Microwave sterilization drying equipment: Microwave can directly interact with food, and microwave has penetration effect. When the food is treated as a whole, both the surface and the interior are affected at the same time. With rapid temperature rise and sterilization, the processing time is greatly shortened, generally in 3-5 minutes, and the sterilization effect is even and thorough. After microwave treatment, the food can retain more nutrients and the wind of color, fragrance, taste and shape Taste.

In addition, conventional thermal sterilization often has heat loss in the environment and equipment. Microwave sterilization equipment does not have additional heat loss, which can save 30-50% of the electricity in general and save the production cost for users.

Moreover, the microwave sterilization equipment does not need boilers, pipeline systems, coal yards and transport vehicles, as long as it has the basic conditions of water and electricity, the equipment can be used immediately, and the operation is flexible and convenient.