Sea Cucumber Microwave Defrosting Equipment

Sea cucumber, as many of you have heard, contains many amino acids, among which glycine, arginine and glutamate are much higher than other amino acids. Amino acids are the material basis of protein synthesis and have high nutritional and medicinal value. In our life, it is still relatively rare, the price is relatively expensive, but its edible value is very high.


Sea cucumbers are seafood. Like other seafood, sea cucumbers need to be frozen and stored. When eating sea cucumber, just simply defrost it and cook. The common thawing method has the air thawing, the water thawing, but this method has many shortcomings. In response to these problems, Leader Microwave Equipment Company has researched and developed a microwave equipment for thawing sea cucumber — trepang microwave thawing equipment. Its emergence conforms to the development of the times and brings convenience to our life.

Advantages of sea cucumber microwave defrosting equipment:

1.Uniform heating

When using traditional heating method, in order to increase the heating speed, it is necessary to increase the external temperature and increase the temperature difference gradient. However, it is easy to create a phenomenon that scorch on the outside but the internal unripe phenomenon. And sea cucumber microwave defrosting machine heating regardless of shape, microwave can uniform penetration, generating heat, so the uniformity is greatly improved.

2.Optimum energy utilization

When sea cucumber is heated by trepang microwave defrosting machine, sea cucumber is generally placed in a heating room made of metal. The heating room is a closed chamber for electromagnetic waves, which cannot be released and can only be absorbed by sea cucumber. The air in the heating room and the corresponding containers will not be heated, so the thermal efficiency is high.

3.The nutrients are not easy to lose and the color is good

When the sea cucumber is heated, the microwave thermal effect and biological effect can kill insects and kill insects quickly at a lower temperature. The sea cucumber microwave thawing device can maintain the nutrition composition and color of sea cucumber to the maximum extent. The thawing effect is incomparable with the traditional thawing method.

4.Selective heating

Sea cucumber defrosting equipment has the characteristics of selective heating, which is beneficial to the drying process. Because of the absorption and loss of water molecules to microwave, the absorption power of microwave in the part with high water content is more than that in the part with low water content, so the heating rate tends to be the same.

5.Healthy bacteria free

Microwave heating speed is fast, high efficiency, sea cucumber microwave defrost sterilization machine in the heating at the same time also play a role in sterilization, no bacteria breeding, thawed sea cucumber health and safety, eat at ease.

Sea cucumber microwave defrosting equipment

An introduction to the traditional way of defrosting sea cucumbers:

1.Air defrosting

There are two kinds commonly, it is to take out sea cucumber from freezing chamber to cold closet, time of this kind of defrost method is long, but the quality of defrost is good, it is evening commonly take out, edible the following day morning; The second is to take sea cucumber out of the freezing chamber and put it in the indoor air to thaw. This thawing method is greatly affected by the temperature. Use of air thaw method must pay attention to the time is not too long, especially in summer, when the thaw is easy to breed bacteria and rapid reproduction, easy to cause putrefication and deterioration of sea cucumber.

2.Flow water defrosting

The frozen sea cucumber can be thawed by running water when it is needed urgently.Because water conducts heat better than air, thawing time can be shortened. However, it should be noted that frozen sea cucumber is not suitable for direct contact with water, and should be packaged in a sealed package, such as sealed box, sealed food bag, etc, otherwise the nutrition content of sea cucumber will be washed away by running water, making the taste worse.

Working principle of microwave thawing equipment for sea cucumber:

Sea cucumber microwave thawing device is the use of electromagnetic waves in the frozen sea cucumber polar molecule rotating at high speed, using the principle that molecular vibration, friction, collision between to generate large amounts of heat energy, the frozen sea cucumber from the inside to the surface of fever at the same time, it’s very quickly to shorten the thawing time and achieve the goal of quick freezing sea cucumber.

schematic diagram

At present, sea cucumber microwave thawing equipment has been widely used, at the same time, shrimp microwave thawing equipment, frozen meat microwave thawing equipment and other microwave equipment in the market also has a good development. They follow the trend of the times and bring great convenience to our life. If you want to thaw sea cucumber, sea cucumber microwave thaw equipment is the best choice!