As we all know, the most meat eaten by the Chinese is pork, followed by beef. In fact, eat more beef has many benefits for our health. Beef also has a good name “the best kid in the meat” because of its high protein content, low in fat, delicious in taste.

However, many imported or exported meat products are usually frozen products. To maintain good taste, a professional thawing method must be selected to minimize the best meat quality and taste. This article introduces a microwave thawing equipment suitable for various frozen meat products-detailed introduction of microwave imported beef thawing equipment.

beef thawing equipment

What is the beef market like in China?

The total amount of beef imports in the country in 2003 was only $15 million, with beef imports from the United States accounting for $10 million, a minimal amount. With the improvement of the overall level of modern people's lives, by 2015, this number has reached 400 billion yuan. Many people who have visited American supermarkets know that less than $2 per pound of beef is common, and the RMB conversion is about 10 yuan per pound.

And in China's sales market, although the price of beef has declined in the past one or two years, it is still around 30 yuan per kilogram at this stage., so the import of American beef, meat food production, and processing enterprises will obtain considerable profits.

The mechanism of Microwave imported meat and beef defrost equipment:

Microwave imported meat thawing machine using polar molecule vibration producing elastic collision with the surrounding molecules and frictional heating, the heating way from inside the product materials. The advantages of using this method to thaw food are unmatched by other means,such as lower production cost, high efficiency, the product without bacteria grow, and small footprint.

beef thawing equipment

The main features of Microwave imported meat and beef defrost equipment :

1.Faster thawing and higher efficiency

The imported meat microwave thawing machine does not need the conduct process because the microwave can be directly heated deep inside the material. It takes 5 minutes for a piece of meat weighing 25 kg to rise from -15 to -4, so the thawing time is changed from "hour" to "minute."

2.Reduced investment, green environmental protection without pollution.

Reducing a lot of storage shelves and floor space due to natural thawing is needed. It can also be thawed in the packaging bag, reducing the need for a healthy environment and preventing water waste.

As a beef jerky factory has 8 Wells to keep twenty-four hours pumping underground continuously for use in the thawing workshop, it caused an enormous waste of water resources. The fat-containing sewage is formed after thawing, which increases the burden on sewage treatment, and causes damage to the oil substances.

3. To ensure nutrition and no corruption of materials.

Because the beef microwave equipment has a freezing process before thawing, which could prevent bacteria flourishing and material thawed liquid leakage, thus reducing the rate of meat loss. Its ability to penetrate more professional, more suitable for the production and processing of large pieces of food material, this frequency is more suitable for the thawing process.

beef thawing equipment


Beef microwave thawing machinery and equipment has been particularly widespread in the use of the foreign food industry. It has also been gradually used in the fast pace of development of the Chinese food industry. With the rapid growth of China's market economy, people are now increasingly enhancing overall living standards. Food quality regulations, as a safeguard of food security, become a hot spot for a wide range of people concerned.

At the same time, the natural environment and natural resources do not tolerate extensive production and processing methods. The traditional way of thawing has far been unable to integrate into the development standards of modern food processing large enterprises.

To meet the country's demand for large food processing enterprises, we have developed a single-layer microwave export meat thawing equipment in China based on ongoing scientific research. The microwave operating frequency of this equipment is 915MHZ, and the power output is 20kw-200kw or more, which can fully meet the product quality and production requirements of different manufacturers.

Compared with foreign microwave equipment, our machine has low investment and natural maintenance advantages. In contrast with the traditional thawing way, it has the benefits of small investment, high efficiency, low operating costs, top product quality, control, and operating efficiently. The microwave beef thawing machine is preferable to food processing enterprises and the development direction of China's food thawing technology.