Microwave Thawing Machine: A New Way To Defrost Food

Food and cooking go together, if one wants to eat, one has to get the food and cook it, as  cooking is a necessity of life, and part and parcel of the daily existence. From the one wondrous moment when man discovered fire, learnt how to start the fire and use it to cook the food, till now, we have discovered new ways to cook our food. After the discovery of fire, humans had to find some way to cook on that fire without burning their hands, so pots and pans became a part of cooking paraphernalia. Human ingenuity discovered new ways to make cooking utensils, pots and pans made of wood, and copper, appeared soon to be replaced by other vessels made from different material. The discovery of new types of cooking ware has not stopped yet.

The open hearth made out of three stones with fire using of dead branches and wood, gave place to coal ovens and cooking ranges. Cities were built and people discovered the comfort of living in apartment buildings, and cooking arrangements moved from the open yards to sleek kitchens inside the houses. With the discovery of electricity, the energy generated by electricity was also became a means of cooking. Electric oven, cooking ranges, kettles, and cooking plates were invented and used.

The prosperity of a family is reflected in the type of food they eat and medium they use to cook their food. Poor families use wood or coals to cook their food, middle class families use gas and electricity. Both urban and rural families in the developed countries use  Microwave, an on energy generated from infrared rays to cook or warm their meals, and boil water to make coffee or tea. The scientists discovered that one need not use wood, coals, or exposed electrical wires to cook the food, it can be cooked by capturing energy waves, especially infrared waves and radio waves.  The ovens that operate on this technology use heat that comes from ‘electromagnetic radiation’ in the required range of frequency.

There are other uses of this technology as well, the energy is used in transmissions, as the geographical features like hills or mountains and large buildings do not have an effect on the beam and it can easily pass through these barriers. It is used for data transmissions and the low radar system also uses this type of energy system. However, thanks to the ingenuity of the science, it can, also be used to heat or cook meals in the oven .

There are three types of ovens using microwave energy in the market, some of them are made by well known brands. The first type is called Solo and is used for simple cooking and reheating, the second is called Grill,which is used to reheat as well as grill food. The last kind is known as convection and is used for baking, grilling and reheating of food. Some of these oven-cum-grills are basic, but other have touch action screens and a timer system, which shuts off the oven when the period is over. Some of the ovens are also used for defrosting food items.

The modern cook also faces another problem while preparing food. People buy food, meats, vegetables or fruits once a week and put the items in a refrigerator to stop the food items from spoiling, when the time comes to cook the meal, they take out the required portion from the freezer as it is not possible for anyone to eat or cook food that is frozen, and it takes time for the fish, meat, or vegetables  reach the room temperature.

It is not advisable to cook fish, meat or vegetables after taking them out straight from the freezer, as it is not considered healthy,  also it tastes awful, like chewing ice; frozen food does not have any taste at all. This means the cooking ingredients have to thaw properly before cooking.   The natural thawing process takes a long time, sometimes one hour or more and if one is short of time and is in hurry to prepare dinner or any other meal it is very difficult to wait for the food items to thaw naturally.

The modern technology can provide a solution to this problem as well, the scientists advise people to use the machines to thaw the frozen food items. To overcome this problem they  a Machine. This type of  gadget is made by companies and used to thaw any type of food items. The machines use Microwave technology and are specifically made for cooks who prepare and serve food in restaurants, cafes or large gatherings. A Microwave Thawing Machine is used by commercial organizations, and not only defrost faster, but also a high power penetration system which makes sure the frozen item is thawed uniformly, inside and on the surface. The machine can be used to thaw beef, fish, chicken, fish, shrimp, or pork or any other kind of food items.

The main advantages are it that thaws at very fast, the food does not loose the nutritional value, gives uniform thawing, due to use of high technology the chances of drip are minimal, is reliable and safe. Though these types of machines are used for commercial organizations, they can be used in individual houses, as there is no stipulation that the machines have to be used by commercial organizations only. If the household owners want to use the thawing machines, they can use it because it makes the job of the person who is cooking easy and hassle free.

We have seen how the human beings started by using fire to cook their meals, but as the time went, their effort was made easy by the developing technology. We have now reached a stage when energy,  in the form of infrared waves can be harnessed to help us defrost our food items. Who knows what miracles are waiting in the future to make life easier and perfect for the coming generations.