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Microwave thawing equipment is used to thaw frozen meat products, seafood and other frozen food machines. The main purpose of frozen food is to prevent food from going bad before eating. After freezing, food storage time is prolonged.

Our Leader Microwave Equipment is one of the professional microwave thawing equipment suppliers, which can produce various microwave thawing equipment, microwave extraction equipment and so on. Our microwave thawing machine is mainly based on different power. Our microwave thawing machine has the advantages of advanced technology, high quality, high production efficiency, preferential price and long service life.

Of course, we can provide different models with different power, just to meet your requirements. These microwave thawing equipment are of high quality and low price. If you are interested in our machines, please leave us a message.

25KW Microwave thawing equipment
50kw Microwave thawing equipment
75Kw Microwave thawing equipment
100KW Microwave thawing equipment

  What are the advantages of microwave thawing equipment?

  • 1. The microwave processing time is greatly shortened, which has the characteristics of short time and fast speed.
  • 2. Our microwave thawing machine can sterilize at a lower temperature, maintaining the nutrient composition and traditional flavor of the material.
  • 3. Of course, our company guarantees that microwave is directly used in food, and there is no additional heat loss, which saves energy to the greatest extent.
  • 4. Surface and interior are affected at the same time, so sterilization is uniform and thorough.
  • 5. The equipment is flexible and easy to control.
  • 6. Whether it is microwave thawing equipment or other microwave dewatering equipment, it is guaranteed that the equipment is simple and does not need boilers or complex pipeline systems, as long as it has basic water and electricity conditions.
  • 7. Improve working conditions and save space.
  • 8. Meat loss rate is low, after microwave thawing ,meat is easier for secondary processing.

Details of microwave thawing equipment

Microwave thawing is one of the important solutions to achieve sterilization and preservation of food. With the development of time, microwave thawing equipment for beef and microwave thawing machinery for meat products are gradually introduced. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microwave equipment, this equipment is our key product. Over the past decade, through our efforts, this machine has been sold to all parts of the time.

Microwave equipment in Brazil
Microwave shipped to Algeria
Microwave equipment in Libya

  Product Specification:

Mode New arrival Certification CE
Automatic Grading Automatically Guarantee 1year
capacity 500kg/hour After-sales Service Installation, Debugging and Training
Country of origin China(Mailand) Name Microwave thawing equipment
Brand LD control system PLC
Model LD – 60KWV place of origin Jinan Shandong China
Voltage 220V〜380V capacity 600〜750kg/ h
Power 60KW color Silvery white
Size(L*W*H) 12860 * 1060 *1750mm Funtion Sterilization and thawing
weight 2T After-sales Service Installation, Debugging and Training

As we all know, price and quality are interrelated. You can’t just consider buying the cheapest microwave drying equipment. You should consider quality as your primary consideration. Leader’s microwave thawing machine and other microwave sterilization equipment may not be the cheapest, but we promise you that our machine will have a longer life.

  Why choose Industrial Microwave Equipment?

Industrial microwave Equipment is of good quality, easy to use and environmentally friendly. Our after-sales service is thoughtful and considerate. It has been sold all over the world for several years. Many faithful customers check it out for you and order it safely. Consulting service is free before purchase, debugging and installation are free for you when purchase. Questions will be answered in time after purchase. When necessary, door-to-door maintenance and testing can be carried out. The tradition of regular return visits has also been well received. If you want to buy, please contact us in time.