Microwave Thawing Equipment for Frozen Corn

Now the standard of living is getting better and better, we have also tasted a lot of rare food, but what can really be unforgettable, it is the food we often eat, such as corn, many people like to eat boiled corn very much, sweet and a unique aroma. Of course, regular eating corn is also very good, can relieve constipation, lower cholesterol, but also promote metabolism, corn storage is basically frozen, then eat when to thaw, this time will use leader microwave equipment frozen corn microwave thawing equipment.


Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen corn:

1.High thawing efficiency

As with the traditional thawing method, the freezing corn microwave thawing machine can be directly thawed through the corn surface, and the unfreezing efficiency is very high, and the thawing of the corn can be finished only in a few minutes.

2.Unfreeze evenly

The microwave of the frozen corn microwave freezer can penetrate into the inner part of the corn, so that the corn can be thawed at the same time, so that the corn thawing can be guaranteed to be uniform, and there will not be the condition that the outside has been thawed and the inside is still ice.

3. Saving energy and electricity

The traditional thawing method will use a large amount of water to thaw, which will lead to the waste of water sources, while microwave thawing machines use electric power thawing, and it is also energy-saving and power-saving equipment, which can be described as a lot of gains.

4.Guarantee the taste and nutrition

The time of corn cooking is very important, because once the corn is cooked go beyond the limit, the taste of corn will be very bad. When thawed, the microwave freezer can ensure the consistency of corn taste by thawing corn inside and outside at the same time, and because the thawing time is relatively short, it can lock the nutrition of corn to the greatest extent.

5.Environmental protection and no pollution

The microwave thawing device is used for thawing, so that the waste of the water source is avoided, and the environment-friendly pollution-free is truly realized.

Model and technical parameters of frozen corn microwave thawing equipment:

Model DL-002 DL-004 DL-006
total power 30KW 60KW 90KW
Microwave operating frequency 915±5MHz
microwave output power 40KW(The power is non-polar adjustable)
Thawing efficiency 1.5-2t/hr
Microwave feed into the wave ratio Less than 2(Rated load)
Microwave magnetron Frequency 915MHz、power 20KW
Microwave system cooling pattern Magnetron(water cooling)、Transformer(oil cooling)
Magnetron service life ≤2000 hr
manufacturing standards Meet the national GB10436-89 standard≤5mw/cm2 Meet GB5226 electrical safety standard
Product shape size(L×W×H) About:10455mm×820mm×1900mm
ambient temperature(℃) The normal temperature of the four seasons

Microwave thawing equipment for corn

Principle of microwave thawing equipment for frozen corn:

The frozen corn microwave thawing equipment is a new type of thawing method, which is mainly used for thawing by microwave, because the microwave can be directly heated inside the corn, and the heat conduction process is not required, so the thawing time is very fast, and the nutrient loss of the corn is not caused.

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Now many people like to eat corn very much, the market demand of corn is increasing, so corn microwave thawing equipment has also become a hot equipment, of course, some other microwave equipment is also very hot, such as frozen seafood microwave thawing equipment, tea microwave drying equipment, frozen chicken leg microwave thawing equipment and so on, are very popular.

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