Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen litchi

Summer is coming, and it is time to eat litchi. Lychee is delicious and sweet, and most people like it. Ancient also has “per day eat lychee three hundred, willing to be a lingnan people for a long time” said. However, fresh lychee can’t be stored for long before it starts to rot. Therefore, in order to preserve its freshness without deterioration, it is generally necessary to freeze it, and when it is eaten, it only needs to be defrosted.

Frozen litchi

What’s a good way to defrost? In the past, the common thawing methods are natural thawing and water thawing, but this traditional thawing method has many disadvantages. Nowadays, with the progress of society and the development of science and technology, there is a new thawing method — microwave thawing. For example, frozen blueberry microwave defrosting equipment, frozen strawberry microwave defrosting equipment, seafood microwave defrosting equipment, etc. Next, let’s have a look at Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s frozen litchi microwave defrosting equipment. Let’s have a look at the benefits of the microwave defrosting equipment.

Advantages of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen litchi

  1. High efficiency and short time

Since the microwave heating does not need the process of heat conduction, the frozen litchi microwave defrosting machine penetrates litchi from different directions and enters into the inside of litchi. From inside to outside, the uniform heating of litchi can be achieved in a very short time, effectively shortening the defrosting time.

  1. High effciency and energy saving

The microwave defrosting device of frozen litchi directly acts on litchi, so there is no additional heat loss, and the air in the furnace and the corresponding containers will not be heated, so the thermal efficiency is extremely high, and the production environment is significantly improved.

  1. Easy to control

Compared with the conventional method, the frozen litchi microwave equipment is easy to operate, without tedious steps, does not need to consume a lot of manpower and material resources, save time and effort, convenient and easy to control.

  1. Reduce loss, nutrient content is not easy to lose

The microwave defrosting machine of frozen litchi is characterized by selective heating, uniform heating, internal and external heating at the same time, quick return of temperature, fast defrosting, which greatly reduces the loss rate of lychee juice, the nutrient composition is not easy to lose, and maintains the taste and nutritional value of lychee.

  1. Microwave power is adjustable, transmission speed is adjustable, sterilization effect is good

The microwave defrost sterilization equipment of frozen litchi is equipped with automatic temperature control device to ensure the automatic temperature control in the process of litchi processing. The frequency conversion adjustment technology can control the speed of delivery, guarantee the quality of products, advance the technology, and sterilize, prevent the breeding of bacteria, health and environmental protection.

Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen litchi

The disadvantages of traditional thawing methods

  1. During thawing, juices will flow out, reducing weight and nutrients.
  2. Long thawing time, usually 1-2 days, insufficient or excessive thawing may occur.
  3. The quality of litchi is reduced, the juice is lost, the taste of litchi becomes lighter, the color becomes lighter, the taste decreases.
  4. Natural thawing inevitably exposes meat to the air, which is prone to bacteria that can spoil litchi.Thawing of water can also cause bacteria to grow and use more water, increasing sewage treatment costs and polluting the environment.

Working principle of microwave defrosting equipment for frozen litchi

Microwave thawing is under the action of high frequency radiation of electromagnetic wave. It uses polar molecule vibration to generate elastic collision with surrounding molecules and generate heat by grinding. The heating mode is generated from inside the product material. It makes polar molecules in the high-frequency changes in the electromagnetic field to constantly change the direction of arrangement, as the molecules rotate and vibrate, they collide and rub against each other, generating heat. The higher the frequency of electromagnetic waves, the greater the impact and friction, the more heat, the faster the thaw. Using this method to defrost food has the advantages of low production cost, high efficiency, no bacteria growth and small area.

schematic diagram

The development of science and technology brings infinite development opportunities to our life. The appearance of microwave defrosting equipment of frozen litchi makes our life more convenient and brings us wonderful experience. Enjoy the long lychee charm, feel the thick lychee love, from the frozen lychee microwave thaw equipment to start!