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Microwave drying of Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer is a new way of drying, which has the advantages of fast temperature rise, high energy efficiency, selective heating and simple control, etc. The energy saving of tunnel microwave drying has great advantages over traditional drying technology.

Microwave drying of industrial continuous microwave drying machine has non-thermal effect, which can play a better drying effect. With the development of microwave drying technology, more and more fields will benefit from it.

  What are the advantages of Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer?

  • 1. Dry quickly
  • 2. Heat evenly
  • 3. High thermal efficiency
  • 4. Easy to operate
  • 5. High output
  • 6. Heat at low temperature
  • 7. Heat and sterilize with packaging
  • 8. Microwave equipment occupies little space
  • 9. Effectively improve the production environment

The use of Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer is very wide, such as food and industrial materials.

Different materials

Different materials

Meat productsChicken, beef, lamb, pork, etc
Fruit vegetableCarrot, cabbage, potato etc
Powder materialPowder, grain, etc
ChemicalMetallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, etc
DrugMedicine, raw materials for medicine, etc

  Why use the Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer?

In order to prolong the life of materials, the effective way is to do the drying process, the Industrial Tunnel Continuous Dryer is in the forefront of this field.

Microwave can penetrate the inside and outside of the object at the same time heating, frequency of 2450MHZ, at 2.45 billion times per second vibration, molecules friction with each other to produce heat, their own heat, so the Industrial Tunnel Continuous Dryer can achieve the purpose of rapid drying.

  Specification of Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer:

Applicable materialMultiple
Dehydration efficiency10-15kg
Mode of operationContinuous
The drying mediumAir
Material transport modeThe conduction transfer

  What is tunnel drying?

Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer is a mechanical device that uses heat to reduce the moisture of materials and is used for drying objects. Tunnel dryer is a kind of direct continuous dryer. This is the largest dryer.

Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave is composed of microwave cavity, microwave generator, waveguide and suppression part, etc. The following picture is the detailed explanation of the equipment:

Schematic diagram

Schematic diagram

  How does vacuum drying work?

Vacuum drying is to put materials under vacuum negative pressure, so that the boiling point of water is reduced. The boiling point of water under one atmospheric pressure is 100 ℃. Under vacuum negative pressure, the boiling point of water can be reduced to 80 ℃ , 60 ℃, 40 ℃ and start to evaporate.

Industrial microwave vacuum dryer  solves the problem of drying heat sensitive materials. During vacuum drying, high-energy water molecules diffuse to the surface and evaporate at low pressure, preventing oxidation and maintaining the color, texture, and flavor of the dried product.

  What are the differences between the Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer and the traditional way of drying?

Conventional drying: atmospheric humidity air as drying medium, steam, hot water, furnace gas or hot oil as heat medium, indirect heating air, air heating wood by convection to achieve the purpose of drying method.

High temperature drying: The drying medium can be wet air or superheated steam. The advantages of high temperature drying are fast drying speed, good dimensional stability, short cycle, but high temperature drying is easy to produce drying defects, such as material color darkening, surface hardening, not easy to process.

Dehumidification drying: It has the advantages of energy saving, good drying quality, and no pollution to the environment, but dehumidification drying is usually low temperature, long drying cycle, relying on electric heating, high power consumption, thus affecting its popularization and application.

Microwave drying: microwave drying can achieve the characteristics of internal and external drying at the same time, and the quality of dried materials is very high.

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