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Traditional electric heating equipment, such as hot air heating equipment and far-infrared drying equipment, uses the way of conduction to indirectly heat materials. There are few supporting electrical appliances. The heat source electrical appliances are mainly two parts: heating pipe and fan.

Equipment front viewEquipment front view

These electrical appliances belong to the traditional electrical appliances that have been mass-produced for a long time. They are basically based on standardized matching, and the structure of the whole equipment is relatively simple.


  • 1.Compared with the conventional heating equipment, industrial microwave systems can improve the work efficiency by more than four times.
  • 2.Microwave heating can heat the material inside and outside at the same time, so the product quality can be greatly improved.
  • 3.The factory equipped with Industrial Microwave Oven is convenient for continuous production and automation. Microwave power heating has no inertia and is easy to control in real time.
  • 4.The equipment is small in size and easy to install and maintain.
  • 5.commercial microwave convection oven has the efficacy of disinfection and sterilization, and the product is more sanitary and safe.

Equipment profile

Equipment profile

  Applied material:

commercial microwave convection oven is widely used in products with high added value and thermal sensitivity.

Food Instant vegetable bag, corn flour, glutinous rice flour, seafood, meat products, leisure dried vegetables and fruits, etc
Herbs Bulk drug, Chinese medicine yinpian, extract, powder, particle, granule, etc
Metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry Crystal water removal, enzyme preparation drying, chemical pigment, rubber, fiber, electronic components, new materials, clothing, etc
Dried fruits and vegetables
Dried fruits and vegetables
Enzyme preparation
Enzyme preparation

Here are more details of industrial microwave systems.

  Relevant parameters:

Equipment model LY-30HM6(Customization is feasible)
The input power Three-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1% (The zero line should be as long as the phase line)
Rated input power 60KW (Power segment adjustable)
Microwave output power 40KW (Power segment adjustable)
Hot wind power 10KW (Power segment adjustable)
Microwave frequency 2450MHz±50MHz
External dimensions of equipment L×W×H(Customization is feasible) 20680×1150×1520(mm)
Equipment exhaust humidity air volume 8500m3/h Blast pressure:900-1000pa
Transmission speed 0.3-5.5M/min
The environment temperature 0-45℃ Relative humidity≤80%
Number of microwave heating tanks 10个(Adjust according to actual needs)
Microwave feed mode Top feed mode
Height of opening of microwave suppressor 220mm(Adjust according to actual needs)
Cooling mode of electrical components Water cooling
Standard for microwave leakage of equipment Meet the national GB10436-89 standard(≤3mw/cm2)
Electrical safety standard for equipment In line with national GB5226 electrical safety standards
Driving power specification: 1.5KW Frequency control of motor speed
Temperature range accuracy 0-350℃

The figure below shows how Industrial Microwave Oven works.

Schematic diagramSchematic diagram

  Questions and Answers:

1.Can we set up microwave oven in industry?

Certainly. Our Industrial Microwave Oven models are complete and can meet the different production needs of manufacturers of various scales. This is also reflected in the above parameter information. Multiple parameters of the equipment can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. Our company has rich experience in production and sales, and has served various investors. Please leave your concerns behind and contact us. Your problems will be solved by us.

2.What is an industrial microwave?

Industrial Microwave Oven is equipped with the most advanced energy direct conversion industrial heating technology. The electrical part is relatively complex. All of them are industrial electrical appliances. The supporting magnetron, transformer, capacitor, silicon pile, excitation cavity and low-voltage electrical appliances meet the H-edge standard. The whole machine meets the GB5226 electrical safety standard. The complete set of microwave heating box, bridge support and power supply are all customized for non-standard. The transmission system is equipped with special microwave conveyor belt and anti-microwave leakage suppressor.

Adhering to the operation concept of “customer-centric”, the company has provided investors at home and abroad with high-quality equipment, reasonable design planning and perfect pre-sales and after-sales services for many years, maintained good communication with many customers and established a deep friendship. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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