Industrial microwave equipment uses the characteristics of microwave to apply to industry, making it a streamlined operation to serve industrial production.


  1. Good heating uniformity.
  2. The high energy efficiency ratio, environmental protection, and energy-saving.
  3. The equipment occupies a small area and is easy to install.
  4. No environmental pollution.

Industrial microwave batch oven


The industrial microwave batch oven can be widely used to treat block, granular, powder, extract, liquid and other materials

MedicineChinese medicine extract, ginseng, donkey-hide gelatin, velvet antler, health products, etc.
FoodPepper powder, bean paste powder, kimchi, pickles, dried five-spice tofu, bagged vegetables, vacuum packaged stew, etc.
Aquatic productsBagged stewed vegetables, pickled products, etc.
Light industryBiochemical products, additives

Application material map


The industrial microwave batch oven is equipped with infrared temperature measurement, low noise transmission systems, and automatic loading and unloading system. GMP manufacturing standards, the microwave leakage is less than 1mw/㎡, and the relevant national safety standards are strictly implemented. The figure below shows you the working principle of the industrial microwave batch oven.

Product parameter:

Output power(KW)6912182430
Microwave frequency(MHZ)2450±50
Power supply(V)380
Dehydration rate(kg.h2o/kw)0.8-1.0
Dehydration temperature(℃)Indoor temperature-100
Temperature uniformity(℃)±2


Baking plate layers(layer)44681012
Baking plate size (mm)length400500500600600800
Dimensions  (mm)Length150016001900200020002100

The microwave heating equipment is entirely different from the traditional heating method:

  1. Coal-fired heating: low energy utilization rate, deterioration of the ecological environment, low efficiency of heat absorption by the medium, and large energy waste.
  2. Resistance heating: high power consumption, short life of resistance wire, unable to achieve super-power heating, high equipment failure rate, and poor safety.
  3. The industrial microwave batch oven does not require the process of heat conduction and reaches the heating temperature in a short time. Except for a small amount of transmission loss, there is almost no other loss. Regardless of the shape of each part of the object, the heating of the industrial microwave batch oven can make the surface, and the inside of the object evenly penetrate the electromagnetic wave to generate heat energy, so the heating uniformity is excellent.

In general, using an industrial microwave batch oven is the best way for existing enterprises to carry out industrial heating transformation.

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