Hot Air Oven Dryer

With the development of science and technology, there are many kinds of hot air oven dryers. What kinds of hot air oven dryers are there at present? Which hot air oven dryer has better quality?

Hot air oven dryer

The price of lower grade machines will also be cheaper. When selling, the merchants publicize that the so-called 30 ℃ low temperature is the normal temperature blown out by ordinary fans. The inside of the machine is the combination of heating pipe and fan, which is low in cost. However, the processing cost and electric energy of this kind of machine are much higher, which consumes a lot of energy.

Ordinary hot air oven dryer

The new hot air oven dryer is a kind of equipment which provides high temperature hot air by using the principle of heat pump and sensible heat exchange technology. It is widely used in the printing industry. Compared with the traditional electric heating, the proportion of energy saving is as high as 60% - 90%.

Application of hot air oven dryer:

Hot air oven dryer is suitable for drying slag, clay, limestone, phosphogypsum, steel plant slag, power plant slime, sewage treatment plant sludge and other materials. It has the advantages of large drying capacity, stable operation, low energy consumption, convenient operation and high output.

Hot Air Oven Dryer Advantage:

  1. High efficiency and high quality matte infrared blackbody tube is selected for heating, with strong penetrability.
  2. Electronic liquid crystal temperature control device, multi temperature zone classification control, accurate temperature regulation.
  3. Imported peptide fluorine coating glass fiber conveyor belt, stable, low noise, stepless speed change, arbitrary control of baking time.
  4. Hot air circulation and smoke exhaust device, with uniform temperature distribution in the furnace.
  5. Double layer insulation structure to save energy.
  6. The appearance is beautiful, and the whole section is turned up to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.


Working principle:

There are two factors that affect the evaporation rate of water: ambient temperature and air flow rate. The reason why hot air oven dryer can dry materials quickly is that it uses resistance wire to heat up to increase local temperature, and uses fan to improve local air flow speed.

The principle of the hot air oven dryer is to introduce the hot air of the hot air stove into the dryer through the jet induced draft fan for heat exchange with the wet materials. According to the different characteristics of the materials, different forms of lifting plates and anti sticking measures are set.

When the materials enter the rotating cylinder and are dried, multi angle lifting type plate is set in the cylinder to make the materials evenly distributed so as to fully exchange heat with the high temperature furnace gas. The drying effect is good, and the outside of the cylinder is equipped with a rapping device, which can effectively prevent the material from sticking to the wall.

Schematic diagram

Installation of hot air oven dryer:

The rotary cylinder of the hot air oven dryer is connected by flange or directly welded. Supported by the two-stage supporting device, the transmission gear drives the simplified body to rotate.

When the cylinder is installed with an angle, the material contacts with the hot flue gas in the process of turning and moving forward inside the rotating cylinder to achieve the drying purpose. The machine is equipped with a feeding device. There is a fish scale seal between the feeding device and the cylinder body to prevent the material from overflowing.