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Hot air dryer is also called rotary drum dryer. The main body is a cylinder with slight inclination and can rotate.

Hot air dryer is a high temperature hot air equipment using heat pump principle and sensible heat exchange technology, compared with the traditional electric heating, energy-saving ratio up to 60%- 90%.

  Hot Air Drying Machine Advantage:

  • 1. Large production capacity and continuous operation.
  • 2. Energy-saving and efficient, simple structure, easy to operate.
  • 3. Few faults and low maintenance cost.
  • 4. Wide range of application.
  • 5. The operation flexibility is large.
  • 6. Adjustable air equalizing plate is set in the box.
  • 7. Automatic constant temperature control, fixed working time, mechanized production.
  • 8. It can be customized according to the requirements of customers.

Hot Air Drying Machine

Hot Air Drying Machine

Hot Air Drying Machine is specially designed for industrial mass production.Drying hot air circulation oven is a kind of general drying equipment.

  Hot air dryer Usage:

  • Pharmaceutical industry: dry raw materials, Chinese herbal medicines, extracts, powders, granules, etc.
  • Chemical industry: packaging bottles; rubber, fiber, electronic components, etc.
  • Food: dried fruits, dehydrated vegetables, seasonings, agricultural and sideline products, etc.
  • Daily necessities: new materials, clothing, etc.

  Hot Air Drying Machine Drying process:

The wet material is sent to the hopper by the belt conveyor or bucket elevator and added by the upper part of the feed port. The barrel is the main body of the dryer. When passing through the cylinder, the material enters into the cylinder and is dried by contacting with the hot air in the cylinder downstream or countercurrent or effectively contacting with the heating wall.

After drying, the product is discharged from the lower end of the other end. During drying, the material moves from the high end to the low end under the action of gravity by the slow rotation of the cylinder.

The wall of the barrel is equipped with a forward copy plate, which continuously picks up and sprinkles the material, greatly enhancing the thermal contact surface of the material, improving the drying rate and promoting the material to move forward.

Schematic diagram

Schematic diagram

Hot air dryer meet the needs of the market, the equipment is flexible, large-scale, mechatronics modular, for customers to reduce the loss caused by traditional equipment.
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