Hot air dryer machine, also known as hot air mixing dryer, is a kind of drying equipment developed by ourselves after learning the international advanced level, which is suitable for the market demand of our country. It is widely used in electronic, food, pharmaceutical, printing, packaging, cleaning, heat treatment and other industries. The equipment adopts a fast drying machine for high wet and viscous materials, which is mainly used for muddy, powdery and granular materials The drying time of sheet high humidity material is short.

Hot air dryer machine

Hot air dryer machine has been widely acclaimed as soon as it came out. As a leader in the drying industry, our company's hot air dryer machine has many advantages.

What are the advantages of hot air dryer machine?

  1. Safety:Hot air mixing dryer uses the heat in the air to heat the water temperature. The water and electricity are completely separated, and multiple protections are provided, without any potential safety hazard.
  2. Not affected by the environment: Hot air mixing and drying equipment has its own unique processing system, which has different relations with the environment in the processing process. No matter what season, weather or temperature, materials can be dried.
  3. Reduce the loss of nutrition: The material only needs to stay in the heating box ofhot air drying equipment for a short time, so the nutrition can be kept in the material to the greatest extent.
  4. Reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency: Drying equipment can replace a large number of manual labor and greatly liberate the productivity.
  5. Easy to install: Although hot air drying machine is a mechanized device, it is very convenient to install and friendly to large and medium-sized cities.

Hot air dryer machine

Because the production demand of each manufacturer is different, we have developed many types of hot air dryer machine after fully investigating the market demand, so that more manufacturers can benefit from it.

Product specification:

Amount of each drying(kg)50100200300
Allocated power (kw)0.450.450.91.35
Consume real steam(kg/h)10183654
Cooling area (m2)10204080
Air volume(m3/h)34503450690010350
Baking dish(piece)244896144

After years of development, we have enjoyed a very high reputation in the industry. Each device has become a classic, and hot air dryer machine has received a very high evaluation. All of this is due to our understanding of the principle of hot air dryer machine.

The principle of hot air dryer machine:

Hot air dryer machine is a fast drying machine for high viscosity and high humidity materials. It is suitable for drying high viscosity and high humidity materials. Hot air dryer can dry high humidity materials with initial water content less than 65% at one time to the final water content less than 5-12%, and the drying time is short, generally 2-20 minutes. Because the high-speed mixing blade of the hot separation dryer stirs the wet material intensely, the wet material can contact with the hot air well. The moisture in the first half of the hot air dryer evaporates quickly, and the temperature of the hot air in the dryer drops sharply. Therefore, even if the hot air is used in the hot air mixing dryer, the temperature rise of the material is not high.


Hot air dryer machine can be widely used in the drying of various foods, such as donkey hide, cow hide, pork, preserved pork, preserved beef, sausage, ham, salted duck, pickled duck, wind goose, salted goose, roast duck, smoked chicken and so on. It can also be used in the drying of various chemical materials and industrial supplies.

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As one of the largest drying equipment manufacturers in China, our hot air dryer machine has been widely used in many countries and regions. India, Canada, Russia, Japan and other countries have our markets. The equipment we produce is made of national famous accessories, which not only has high production efficiency but also meets the requirements of environmental protection. It will not produce three wastes. It can not only bring good economic benefits to manufacturers, but also bring health and hygiene to consumers Food is the best choice for manufacturers to dry.

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