Ginseng Microwave Drying Equipment

Ginseng is widely known in people’s life, because its health preservation ability is really first-class, so basically ginseng can be regarded as a treasure. Ginseng species are more, in some forest areas, we can be picked fresh ginseng. People usually don’t eat ginseng directly. Ginseng is usually dried after harvesting. So the question is, how does ginseng dry?


After ginseng is harvested, the moisture content is relatively high, so it must be dried. The selection of drying method not only directly affects the quality of ginseng (color, surface shape, density, etc.), but also involves the consumption of energy. It is very important to choose a proper drying method. The ginseng microwave drying equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company is a new type of equipment very suitable for drying ginseng.

Advantages of ginseng microwave drying equipment

1.Energy efficient, high degree of specialization

Ginseng drying machine using automatic technology, greatly improve the work efficiency, is conducive to professional, large-scale production.

2.Improve economic efficiency

The operating cost of ginseng microwave drying machine is only 40% of that of oil drying equipment, 60% of that of coal drying machine and 30% of that of electric heating equipment.Low cost, greatly improved economic efficiency.

3.Safe, environmental and pollution-free

Panax ginseng microwave drying device uses electrical separation technology, no pollutant discharge in the process of work, simple operation, safety and environmental protection, truly achieve zero pollution emission.
4.High efficiency of heat energy

Real constant temperature drying, the usage of ginseng microwave drying machine without releasing high temperature wet air outside the warehouse, heat energy utilization effect is high.

5.Good drying effect

Microwave drying machine can reduce mechanical pollution, improve pericarp quality, drying effect is good, ginseng microwave drying equipment in the process of drying panax ginseng no deformation, not cracking, do not change color, no metamorphism, no oxidation, with good rehydration, dry thoroughly, less loss of nutrients, long storage life, than any of the traditional drying equipment more effectively protect the ginseng of color, aroma, taste and individual form and nutrients.

Ginseng microwave drying equipment

Disadvantages of traditional drying method

  1. High labor cost

Need manual care operation, high labor costs.

  1. Shortservice life

Due to serious pollution and corrosion, the service life is greatly shortened.

  1. Safety hazard

Fuel oil and gas have inflammable, explosive and other safety hazards.

  1. The environment is seriously polluted

Will release a large number of waste gas, waste residue and other wastes to pollute the environment.

  1. Poor drying quality

Temperature and humidity can not be accurately regulated, easy to scorch.The color, appearance and nutrition of finished products cannot be controlled.

Working principle of ginseng microwave drying equipment

Ginseng microwave drying equipment is a new type of high efficient energy-saving drying machine, its working principle is based on the principle of the reverse carnot cycle, use a small amount of electric energy, using the compressor, the working medium after expansion valve evaporated into gas in the evaporator, and a large number of absorbing heat from the air, gaseous medium by compressor compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, and then into the condenser to release heat, heat drying medium, so heating cycle, can put the dry heating medium to 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃. Compared to the electric heating dryer, it saves two-thirds of the electricity.

schematic diagram

Microwave technology has been very well developed now, ginseng microwave drying equipment, red dates microwave drying equipment, food microwave drying equipment have broad prospects for development, microwave technology has connected our lives, bring us good experience.

Using microwave technology to heat and dry fresh ginseng, it has the advantages of uniform heating, fast heating and energy saving. The appearance of the microwave-dried ginseng is round and full, just like fresh ginseng. From its cross section, it can be seen that the large pores are increased and the pores are developed, which will be very beneficial to extract the effective ingredients of ginseng. Ginseng microwave drying equipment is the first choice for dry ginseng!