Comparison of Hot Air Drying Equipment and Other Drying Methods

Hot air drying equipment is high-tech equipment designed to meet the industry's needs and society by continuously summing up the experience in the process of high-pressure hot air blowers. Its successful design enables my country's hot air drying technology to reach the world's advanced level, saving energy, and increasing economic benefits. It has the characteristics of low noise, stable operation, and automatic temperature control.

It has a wide range of applications and can be applied to various raw materials.

Hot air drying equipment

Generally speaking, there are the following types of drying methods: hot air drying, platen vacuum, steam, microwave, and infrared.

Press plate vacuum drying: the advantage is good drying quality and short cycle; the disadvantage is that the equipment structure is complex, the drying volume is small, suitable for veneer and veneer drying, the loading and unloading workload is large, and the investment and operation cost is high.

Steam drying: strong production capacity, mature technology, guaranteed quality and degreasing, insecticidal, and sterilization functions. Its disadvantages are that it requires steam for heating, serious pollution, excessive exhaust gas, smoke, and dust emissions; moderate investment and operating costs.

Microwave and infrared drying are fast and easy to maintain the natural color of the wood, but they consume a lot of power and have high investment and operating costs.

Hot air drying: The hot air drying equipment has a large drying capacity, good drying quality, energy-saving, and environmental protection, and low investment and operating costs. The whole machine has low noise, and the operation is in a balanced state: automatic temperature control, easy installation and maintenance, and a wide range of applications.

The automatic control mode can choose a variety of drying modes (high speed, standard, low speed), which can meet the process requirements for uniform and rapid drying of various materials (control system). High thermal efficiency, save energy. By using the forced ventilation function, there is an adjustable air distribution board in the box, and the material can be dried evenly.

The working principle of hot air drying equipment is to use hot air as the drying medium to exchange moisture and heat with the material in a natural or forced convection cycle. The moisture on the surface of the material is water vapor and diffuses into the airflow's main body through the air film on the surface.

At the same time, due to the vaporization of the material surface, there is a difference in moisture gradient between the inside and the surface of the material, and the moisture inside the material diffuses to the surface in the form of vapor or liquid.

This process is a drying process of heat and mass transfer for the material; but for the drying medium, that is, hot air, it is a cooling and humidification process. The drying medium is both a heat carrier and a moisture carrier.

Hot air drying equipment has an extensive range of applications suitable for drying most materials, such as Chinese medicine impregnation, Chinese medicine, raw material powder, and heat-sensitive materials, and can also be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronic and other industries.

Dry material

Nowadays, hot air drying equipment has been praised and recognized by users in the market. It brings a lot of convenience to life and is a significant advancement in society. I believe that in the future, with the continuous promotion of technology, its development prospects will be Getting better and better!