Food Microwave Machine

Microwave Degreasing Equipment


Price List Processing Video Processing PDF Brand: Leader Voltage: 220V〜380V Power(W): 50KW Size(L * W * H):11700mm*1060mm*1750mm Weight: 3T Certificate: CE Control system:PLC Color: sliver Cooling System:by water or air Volume:504〜630kg Heating source:Electric Microwave degreasing equipment, including a variety of different power equipment. As one of the professional microwave equipment manufacturers, we can provide various models of varying power to ...

Microwave Vacuum Equipment


Processing Price List Video Processing PDF Microwave vacuum equipment is a new type of microwave energy application equipment combining microwave energy technology and vacuum technology. It combines the advantages of microwave and vacuum drying, overcomes the shortcomings of conventional vacuum drying cycle and low efficiency, and is dry in general materials. In the process, the work efficiency can be improved ...

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