Microwave Thawing Equipment

Introduce Model Advantage Parameter Video PDF Download PDF Microwave thawing equipment is used to thaw frozen meat products, seafood and other frozen food machines. The main purpose of frozen food is to prevent food from going bad before eating. After freezing, food storage time is prolonged. Our Leader Microwave Equipment is one of the professional microwave thawing equipment suppliers, which can produce various microwave thawing equipment, microwave extraction equipment and so on. Our microwave thawing machine is mainly based on different power. Our microwave thawing machine has the advantages of advanced technology, high quality, high production efficiency, preferential price and … Read more

Microwave Degreasing Equipment

Introduce Model Advantage Parameter Video PDF Download PDF Brand: Leader Voltage: 220V〜380V Power(W): 50KW Size(L * W * H):11700mm*1060mm*1750mm Weight: 3T Certificate: CE Contorl system:PLC Color: sliver Cooling System:by water or air Volume:504〜630kg Heating source:Electric Microwave degreasing equipment, including a variety of different power equipment. As one of the professional microwave equipment manufacturers, we can provide different models of different power, just to meet your requirements. These microwave degreasing equipments are of superior quality and competitive price. If you are interested in our machines, please leave us a message. 10KW microwave degreasing equipment 20KW microwave degreasing equipment 30kw microwave degreasing … Read more