Ginseng Microwave Drying Equipment

Ginseng is widely known in people’s lives because its health preservation ability is really first-class, so basically, ginseng can be regarded as a treasure. Ginseng species are more, in some forest areas, we can be picked fresh ginseng. People usually don’t eat ginseng directly. Ginseng is generally dried after harvesting. So the question is, how does ginseng dry? Ginseng After ginseng is harvested, the moisture content is relatively high, so it must be dried. The selection of the drying method directly affects the quality of ginseng (color, surface shape, density, etc.) and involves energy consumption. It is essential to choose … Read more

Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen litchi

Summer is coming, and it is time to eat litchi. Lychee is delicious and sweet, and most people like it. Ancient also has “per day eat lychee three hundred, willing to be a Lingnan people for a long time,” said. However, fresh lychee can’t be stored for long before it starts to rot. Therefore, to preserve its freshness without deterioration, it is generally necessary to freeze it, and when it is eaten, it only needs to be defrosted. Frozen litchi What’s the right way to defrost? In the past, the standard thawing methods are natural thawing and water thawing, but … Read more

Microwave Thawing Equipment for Frozen Corn

Now the standard of living is getting better and better, we have also tasted a lot of rare food. Still, what can really be unforgettable is the food we often eat, such as corn, many people like to eat boiled corn very much, sweet, and a unique aroma. Of course, regular eating corn is also delicious, can relieve constipation, lower cholesterol, but also promote metabolism. Corn storage is basically frozen, then eat when to thaw, this time will use leader microwave equipment frozen corn microwave thawing equipment. corn Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen corn: 1.High thawing efficiency As … Read more

Sea Cucumber Microwave Defrosting Equipment

As many of you have heard, sea cucumber contains many amino acids, among which glycine, arginine, and glutamate are much higher than other amino acids. Amino acids are the material basis of protein synthesis and have high nutritional and medicinal value. In our life, it is still relatively rare, the price is relatively high, but its nutritive value is very high. trepang Sea cucumbers are seafood. Like other seafood, sea cucumbers need to be frozen and stored. When eating sea cucumber, just simply defrost it and cook. The standard thawing method has the air thawing, the water thawing, but this method has … Read more

Microwave Thawing Machine: A New Way To Defrost Food

Food and cooking are combined if one wants to eat, one has to get the food and cook it, as cooking is a necessity of life and part and parcel of the daily existence. From the one extraordinary moment when man discovered fire, learned how to start the fire and use it for cooking the food, till now, we have found new ways to cook our food. After the discovery of fire, humans had to find some way to cook on that fire without burning their hands, so pots and pans became a part of cooking paraphernalia. Human ingenuity discovered … Read more

Microwave Thawing Technology-let you eat healthy and assured meat

As we all know, the most meat eaten by the Chinese is pork, followed by beef. In fact, eat more beef has many benefits for our health. Beef also has a good name “the best kid in the meat” because of its high protein content, low in fat, delicious in taste. However, many imported or exported meat products are usually frozen products. To maintain good taste, a professional thawing method must be selected to minimize the best meat quality and taste. This article introduces a microwave thawing equipment suitable for various frozen meat products-detailed introduction of microwave imported beef thawing equipment. What … Read more

How much do you know about Microwave Vacuum Drying Equipment?

Dried fruit is delicious, healthy, convenient to eat, and has a powerful effect on helping digestion and maintaining beauty. It is becoming more and more popular, but do you know how it changed from “fresh” to “dry”? Microwave vacuum drying equipment is a new type of microwave energy application equipment combining microwave and vacuum drying, which have several advantages of microwave and vacuum drying. For example, overcoming the long cycle, low efficiency, disadvantages of conventional vacuum drying. In the drying process of general material, the work efficiency is 4 ~ 10 times higher than the traditional method. Microwave vacuum dryer … Read more

Soybean Microwave Degreasing Equipment

Defatted soybeans contain a variety of essential nutrients and have incredibly high nutritional value. The calcium content of defatted soy protein is 40 times higher than that of the same amount of beef. The phosphorus content is 3-4 times higher than that of beef and lean pork, and the iron content is 10 times higher than that of milk and beef. Defatted soy can prevent rickets, tooth dysplasia, and anemia, lower the body’s serum cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, cerebral illness, heart disease, and other diseases. Soybean microwave degreasing equipment is a new helper for the soybean degreasing process. Compared with traditional … Read more

Shrimp Meat Thawing Machine:Take You into A Healthy Life

Shrimp and meat food are nutritious and tasty. They are indispensable food on our table. Food across the sea can keep fresh and delicious without the help of advanced freezing and thawing technology. Shrimp meat microwave thawing equipment protects your healthy life. Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for shrimp meat: The microwave thawing equipment for shrimp meat has a fast speed. The microwave can heat the inside and outside of the material simultaneously without the conduction process. For example, microwaves can raise a piece of meat in 25 kg from – 15 ℃ to – 4 ℃ in 2 minutes. … Read more