Microwave Degreasing Equipment

1. The device is simple and easy to operate. Microwave degreasing equipment does not require preheating before use, ready to use.

2. Heating is uniform and efficient. All of our microwave degreasing equipment, microwave vacuum equipment and other microwave machines use the penetration of microwaves. From the inside out, the heating and uniform drying effect is good.

3. Degreasing is uniform. Microwave degreasing machine belongs to penetrating degreasing, and both internal and external degreasing.

4. Environmental protection, no pollution. Microwave equipment does not discharge any waste water or waste gas during the working process, and belongs to environmental protection high-tech machines.

The microwave defrosting machine of frozen litchi is characterized by selective heating, uniform heating, internal and external heating at the same time, quick return of temperature, fast defrosting, which greatly reduces the loss rate of lychee juice, the nutrient composition is not easy to lose, and maintains the taste and nutritional value of lychee.
Microwave drying machine can reduce mechanical pollution, improve pericarp quality, drying effect is good, ginseng microwave drying equipment in the process of drying panax ginseng no deformation, not cracking, do not change color, no metamorphism, no oxidation, with good rehydration, dry thoroughly, less loss of nutrients, long storage life, than any of the traditional drying equipment more effectively protect the ginseng of color, aroma, taste and individual form and nutrients.

Whether it is in the configuration of equipment or the entire components, the company selects international and domestic famous brand accessories to ensure quality and protect the safety of use. For this reason, we are one of the world's best manufacturers of microwave equipment. We are also working hard to sell microwave equipment around the world. We are sure that you are satisfied with our high quality products, if you need more details, feel free to contact us!  read more

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