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Food Drying Equipment

Microwave Thawing Equipment

Microwave thawing equipment is used to thaw frozen meat products, seafood, and other frozen food machines. The primary purpose of frozen food is to prevent food from going bad before eating.

Microwave Degreasing Equipment

Microwave degreasing machine has apparent advantages in energy saving. the microwave degreasing machine can save 1/2 of the energy consumption compared with the conventional electric drying machine.

Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer

Microwave drying of Industrial Tunnel Continuous Microwave Dryer is a new way of drying, which has the advantages of fast temperature rise, high energy efficiency, selective heating and simple control, etc.

Industrial Hot Air Dryer Machine

Industrial hot air dryer is suitable for large-scale production of materials with low drying rate. It has compact equipment structure, small floor area, simple operation, convenient maintenance and stable operation.

Microwave Vacuum Equipment

Microwave vacuum equipment is a new type of microwave energy application equipment combining microwave energy technology and vacuum technology. It combines the advantages of microwave and vacuum drying

Microwave Extraction Equipment

Microwave extraction refers to the technology and method of extracting various chemical components in a microwave reactor using appropriate solvents from multiple chemical elements from plants, minerals.


State-of-the-art food drying machinery is popular as durable, cost-effective and efficient solutions for food processing industry to dry fruit, vegetable, meat, seafood and many other products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Microwave drying is a new type of drying method that has a very good development prospect in various industries. Microwave is a very strong penetrating wave, which can act directly on the inside of the material, making the material heated inside and outside at the same time, so as to achieve a uniform and fast drying method. Food products dried with microwave dryer will retain most of the nutrients in the raw materials, have brighter color, higher quality, and will have a longer shelf life.

Microwave drying technology has achieved very good results, especially in the food processing industry is very widely used, microwave drying equipment in the production efficiency and production quality have been significantly improved, is a reliable choice for manufacturers. microwave dryer drying efficiency is very fast, mainly because of the characteristics of microwave The efficiency of microwave drying is determined by the characteristics of microwaves. The traditional drying method is to gradually transfer heat from outside to inside so as to dry, while microwave drying refers to the direct action of microwaves on the inside of the material, making the material itself become a heating body, drying inside and outside at the same time, so that the drying time will be reduced from "days" to "hours" as a unit. The drying time is reduced from "days" to "hours".

Microwave Thawing Equipment uses microwave thawing technology to defrost food products, which is very different from traditional thawing methods. The microwave thawing technology is a significant difference from the traditional thawing method. The microwave thawing technology directly heats the entire thawed food, thus effectively increasing the thawing time to a few hours. Because microwave thawing is done in sections, the food is not cooked and most of the nutrients are preserved and the rate of meat loss is effectively reduced.

The hot air dryer mainly adopts the hot air circulation technology, using the fan circulation air supply method, the air source is driven by the circulating air motor through the heater and then the hot air will be sent out, and then through the duct to the inner chamber of the oven to dry the material, the used air will be sucked into the air duct again to become the air source so as to achieve multiple recycling, so as to achieve the recycling of energy, effectively saving the cost. Microwave drying equipment, as a new type of drying equipment, has been widely recognized by the majority of manufacturers as soon as it was launched, and has now achieved very high use value in various industries.

When drying process, you will find that microwave dryer and other equipment use hot air for drying, many people have raised questions about this, can't use cold air for drying process? In fact, hot air can accommodate more water vapor compared to cold air, so hot water will be easier to evaporate, and the drying speed will be higher, and continuous heating of the air at any temperature can play a very good drying effect. And drying equipment in drying in the oven, the heat source is more concentrated, high thermal efficiency, drying speed will also be faster.

A tunnel dryer is a container filled with materials placed on a conveyor belt, and when the conveyor belt enters the equipment from the entrance of the tunnel chamber, the materials will be dried quickly as they are moved through the tunnel. Nowadays, Microwave drying equipment and other equipment have made very good achievements, mainly used in food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, touch screen industry, electronic industry, hardware industry, mold industry, PCB, LED, LCD, etc., which are very widely used and have made outstanding contributions to the rapid development of modern society.

Drying technology in the development of modern society is vital, many industries need to use drying technology, nowadays, there are three main drying technology, namely microwave drying, tunnel drying and hot air drying these three ways. microwave drying equipment is mainly the use of microwave technology, microwave can directly act on the inside of the material, so that the material inside and outside at the same time to The microwave drying equipment mainly uses the microwave technology, the microwave can act directly on the internal of the material, so that the material is heated inside and outside at the same time to achieve rapid drying. Tunnel drying means that the material passes through a tunnel with a heating source to complete the drying process, and hot air drying uses hot air circulation technology to circulate hot air in the oven to dry the material.

Microwave drying equipment is a very high utilization rate of drying equipment, very common in major food processing plants, the use of microwave technology for drying fruits and vegetables, not only effectively The use of microwave technology for drying fruits and vegetables not only effectively improves the drying efficiency, drying quality is also further guaranteed, and its higher production efficiency is more in line with the needs of today's rapidly developing society.

Microwave drying equipment is usually used to dry some solid foods, while the drying of liquid food often requires the use of spray dryers. In the drying process of spray dryer, the liquid to be dried will be suspended in the air, that is, the liquid is transformed into mist, that is, the liquid is atomized, the drying surface area will be effectively increased, the atomized liquid is fully exposed to the hot air flow in the drying chamber, the air and the solid can flow in parallel or in the opposite direction, so as to achieve rapid and uniform drying of liquid.

Drying and dehydrating are very important process steps in food processing, and they are roughly the same but have some differences. The main difference is that drying is the process of removing a solvent from a solid, semi-solid or liquid, while dehydrating is the process of removing water from an aqueous compound, which is the fundamental difference between drying and dehydrating. Another important difference between drying and dehydration is that the drying process produces water or any other solvent as a by-product, while dehydration produces water as a basic by-product.